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"We don't claim(or aim) to represent the views, values and opinions of all "native" Black Americans any more than we could claim/aim to represent the views, values and opinions of all Irishmen...or bald-headed Black Bulgarian bubble-blowers.  But..."


AW, BUDDY... special thanks to world renowned Black American novelist, Dr. Charles Johnson, for turning us on to this little bit of...
                                   FRONT PAGE: BLACKAMERICANTV ROOTS   

For those of us who suffered thru THE HELP, DJANGO, THE BUTLER, 12 YEARS A CONTINUATION, as a recent hit parade for others...FINALLY (hopefully)... something we can sit in any audience, next to any one... and proudly, actually, enjoy!  Trailer looks promising. Here's hoping:   


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... some things you just can't do alone.
                                                           12TH MEN

"COME ON, MEN!?"...
The question is... do Warren Sapp and Channing Crowder miss the point and real issue?  Do a lot of young Black Americans miss the point?  In response to Crowder's "individual drawing of the line"--some might suggest that the good brother consider that some lines need be drawn BY EACH AND ALL,  FOR ALL. And concerning Mr. Sapp's chuckling about Incognito's race-baiting tactic during a game---for many, there's no connection between "endearment" and a White American callin' a Black American a nigger. (what WAS funny was how incredulous the talk show host was... huh?).  

An old school negro might be heard to say that "with all them grown-ass men colored folks runnin' around out there on the football field and up in the locker room, it's a damn shame they ain't got sense 'nough to work together to get their situation right--especially for the young ones comin' in". (and shaking his head; as many old brothers do when confounded)..."umm mm mm, my people, my people... any more of 'em in the bad news column today?" 
They say "Build It and They Will Come"
We say "Build It and Pass It On"

                on the way.