This common sense Police Officer should "MAYBE" be our Mayor in San Francisco. 

She might/should "MAYBE" be our next Governor in California. 

"Common Sense" goes a long way these days... and Bay Area (and USA) needs a LOT more of it.
We're evolving, George Carlin.  We'll eventually get  there.  Or perish. 

Rhetorical question:  'Was someone messin' around in a lab somewhere with elements having potential to harm/destroy humanity?  If so...even if they can keep their dumb-assness a secret-- their humongous lack of common sense means "we" still have a long way to go. 

Lotta educated idiots among us.  

We have "Leaders" of Nations all over the planet with more quirks and self indulgences than Bigger-Picture common sense.

Collectively?  We make no sense.  Yet. 

It's a race.  Does our base Animal-Nature win out?  Or do we finally achieve a  degree of Collective Human Potential Bigger-Picture adjustment--that allows for a Next-Level-Human paradigm shift? 

'Get what George Carlin says--but... it ain't good guys and bad guys. 

It's ALL OF US, predator  AND prey, as yet still comin' up short of our collective be FULLY "Human".

Our world, as is,  says most of us ain't even close.  Yet.

We have the nuclear potential(and probably lab-poisons/gasses/organisms, etc.) to kill ALL of us. 

Animal-Human or Human-Human.  Who wins?...
                                                                                              AW 11-27-21
'Suspect most have heard some version of:  “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it behooves us all not to talk about the rest of us.” Robert Louis Stevenson. "

Most of us, if not all, have more than one side. We Humans are complex as hell.

I was not a "Rush" fan.  BUT...along the way I did hear Truth(for "me") in some of what he had to say.  He also drove me crazy with some of the half-baked "Tabloid Signifyin' Monkey Media provocateur" crap he spoke.

'Feel similar about a number of folks who "speak media". 

'Will use a saying that speaks to how I(and I suspect many others) see/KNOW many things in real Life to be:

                         "THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY."

Most media today have maps that are, finally, way off. 

I believe this man, per Limbaugh...

Am I suddenly a Rush "fan"? 

Who gives a damn...  not even Rush.  He's elsewhere...

"Black Lives Matter activist suggests Waukesha attack linked to Rittenhouse verdict: It sounds possible 'the revolution has started'"

Matthew Miller - 2h ago(credited w/ article)
Why would media print a completely bullcrap trouble-rabble-rousing article with above sensationalist headline? 

*click the cow  to go to "huh?" article...*

...and why even bother with crap like this?

Kinda like pickin' up trash at the beach. Ain't exactly your favorite way to spend your time... but you jus' can't walk past it. 

Tabloid "Signifyin' Monkey Media" has become more "provocateur" than "informative news"...

AW 11-21-21
Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson are PERFECT examples of "Tabloid Signifying Monkey Provocateur Propaganda"; spinning at its most "perfected". 

Succinctly:  They begin with a good argument/example of something that is wrong--indefensible at its core. 

BUT they conflate/spin/"pepper" their prides and prejudices in as they "proceed" to "inform".  

Carlson is far worse than Ingraham. 

Pompous Tuck's got kind of a clever modern day Hitler-Jugend vibe thing goin'. He gets downright giddy when...

                                                                                    AW 11-23-21

...check out below video which perfectly exemplifies complex nature of America/Americans...

Near end it speaks to my own STRONG personal belief that : "WHILE THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN A BAD COP,  THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN A GOOD COP. "

Both are in evidence in this POWERFUL "TRUE STORY"; told by Li'l Wayne.       

AW 11-21-21

BELOW:  China? Australia? "Beefin'?

Is US/China on a SERIOUS collision path?

...'this why Tucker Carlson, Trump and others been side-mouthin' US to get copacetic  with Russia?
                                                                                 AW 12-21-21 this why the folks controlling Biden are opening the borders without clear explanation? 

'Need of more "people" in a rapidly changing balance of "power". 

*And here we are-- like idiots--(some of us)) fighting EACH OTHER!...over all KINDS of crap?

...what's up with the sneaky open-border flood?  Are there not enough "Americans" being born to support future social security program? 'To supply an effective standing military? Is it about future votes/"POWER" for folks behind you, Joe?

...better to be clear, Joe--"sneaky, can't be trusted" is common-sense natural response of most "Freedom-loving" Americans. Doin' sneaky sh-- with no CLEAR explanation?  America is STILL wrong country to perpetrate that crap in...

LOTS of moving parts.  Hopefully, like Li'l Wayne speaks to, above, soon/future generation of "Americans" will "consolidate". 
                                                                                                                               AW 11-21-21
Did this Negro die a Hero, a damn Cotton Pickin' Fool...or Both? (...such is the complexity of "America"; its History, its People)
Crispus Attucks was the first man credited with/celebrated for giving his Life for "America".

Attucks fought against British soldiers in defiance of their "occupation" of "his" country.

Ironically, Attucks was considered an escaped slave at the time of his "American" heroics.

White Americans at the time held a memorial parade and Attucks body lay in state with several others(White) for all to pay respects for his leading the "Insurrection" against the British.

Basically, a Black dude was leader of the spark that was the Birth of this Nation. (Don't believe me, look it up)...

There's a statue in Boston that commemorates Attucks and the historic event.    AW-11-18-21



we'll see...

                                                                                                                                                                                  AW-11-18-21 I have said a bunch of times, I hope more "Been Here"  NATIVE BLACK AMERICANS join me and fly the 13 Star Flag an Ancestor had an inspirational hand(Life, actually)... in "Birthing"...
                                     AW 11-18-21
Why?  Family, Friends, Kin, Neighbors, Ancestors I know/know of--and love/respect were born, lived and died here.  I know/claim no culture, history, Family but the one I KNOW in this land.  The "ROOTS" I "KNOW" are here.  This land. 

As a deep-rooted "Native" Black American, I obviously have "issues" with a TON of things. 

BUT... this is MY gotdamn country--I know no other--and way I see it for the short time here?  I'd rather be a part of building on what "my" kin are part of building from scratch than tearing down and feeling more "against" than "for". 

My ol' man-absent as he was--fought in the Korean War...'got wounded.  I saw uniforms in my home from my earliest childhood.    MANY I grew up with served in Vietnam--neighbors, friend, kin--and a BUNCH are on that Wall in DC. 

No, I would/will NEVER take a knee before the flag.  Not sure how you grew up, Colin Kaepernick--but my roots run back through share-croppin' in Kentucky on one side. And down South back to criminal forced labor the other. 

I LOVE this land of my Ancestors. Enjoy/Appreciate the hell outta the Good. Work with the many who are trying to fix the Bad.  And try to keep an eye out and an ear on the F'n "UGLY"... who pop up all over the damn place like VD in a ten-cent...(nah, I better stop right there)...

A 11-18-21

Why have "murder shows" become so popular on TV?  And so ubiquitous?(better word?)
It's FOOTBALL.                                    And NOTHING ELSE matters.