MAY BE "COINCIDENCE"... but of the sites owned/published,  
 'Must be republished at LEAST once daily... African Country weighs in...
                                                              AW 6-27-26
...'UH...JUS' CURIOUS...

...'cause myself a lot less problems if I jus' stick to football
 and movies...

...many of us have been peepin' problems with behind the scenes players
 (un-elected) influencing stuff that most Americans are not in agreement with
 for YEARS... hence,  the final "SORTA  SIMPLE" SOLUTION:  THE...

 A "rough" description has  a "tab" in menu-left.    Basically,  America can do
 much better with "known" quantities...than the manipulated "put up puppets",
 opportunists and wanna-be's we've been "fed" as our choices in too many
 places... in recent "leadership" elections. 

Example: My own choices to consider might start in the NFL.  'Guys like Mike
 Tomlin, Steve Young, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andy Reid, Sean MCvay(hell, we've
 had an actor/Reagan, a "son"/Bush 2, a businessman/tv personality/Trump.
 *In Ukraine--a "comedian" leads(hope that sad tragedy resolves, soon). 

 How 'bout as opposed to a flock of pumped up cabal maneuvered "put ups"...
 "WE" FIND/DRAFT/CHOOSE"... known quantities--that have NOT been
 managed/groomed MONEYED into the political spotlight.  'Gamed into our
 "choices".  WE CAN DO BETTER.  MUCH BETTER.  (I personally think
 Obama's Wife and Mother-In-Law would've been better as President/Vice
 President than Obama and Biden--seriously)...

We CERTAINLY can do smarter, more trustworthy/accomplished/
 "solid" than what we've had of late... 
Who do YOU think would be a good candidate/"team" to lead America/US... forward?
                                                                                                                       AW 3-25-23

...'think Colonel Macgregor is correct...
 simply put: it's all over but the shout...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       AW 5-13-23
 UKRAINIAN/RUSSIAN CONFLICT...                    AW3-25-23
...there's always 2 sides...
   ...among children and even "grown up"children.  

 Difference is: ...with young children it's maybe a few bruises, a black
 eye, hurt feelings--and "peace-making" by the ADULTS in the room.  

 With old bastards,  self-righteous and tight-jawed in their stone-set ways/
 reasoning/determination/ABILITY TO TO DO IRREVERSIBLE GREAT

...the bruises, black eyes and hurt feelings become MASSIVE
 permanent injury/slaughter/death/monumental destruction/pain/

                                                     ...AND THERE IS OFTEN--IN MANKIND'S
                                                     HISTORY OF EXISTENCE... NO ADULTS TO
                                                     BE FOUND TO STOP THE DUMB FUCKS...
                                                     ...FROM DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN
                                                    TO DESTROY ONE ANOTHER...
                                                                                                                                     AW 3-25-23

MAY BE "COINCIDENCE"... but of the sites owned/published,  
 'Must be republished at LEAST once daily...


Been posting this guy, MACGREGOR,  from early on with his informed/expert-
 level analysis.   'Not a fan of all I see.  But... he knows American Military.
 He knows well how military and the political intersect/interact.
     ...He's called the shots pretty damned accurate from very early on.
...wonder what ol' Colonel Macgregor would have to say about the 
 discussion, below...                                                                                       AW 3-24-23
...points made are important--but no need to be so freakin' rude to the Lady...
...been following and "listening" to these folks for quite a spell.  Tonight I heard 
 them mention that they are "ex-pats". (mentioned@47 minutes and 30 seconds)
 Below is a question I posted in their "COMMENT" section.  Self explanatory:

 "Ex-Pats"? I thought you guys were Americans? Maybe you should let folks
 know EXACTLY what you are. What Country do you now call home? Is THAT
 "redacted". Who do YOU hold fealty to? Only right to let folks know where you
  are now calling home... appreciate the work you both do...(all 3)... but where is
 "home"'re "revealing of everyone to us about "you"... Thanks
          Signed...a fellow "Western" Pennsylvanian who still holds those values.
                                                                                                                                AW 3-23-23
'spent the time hearing these "other" voices.  maybe you might consider doing so,

The "possibilities" I envisioned as a product of the 50'-60's?  'Feels like a 90
 degree turn has taken place somewhere along the way.

Lotta arrogant, self-serving sneaky manipulative bullshit has
 invaded/overwhelmed. 'Trying to hear as many "relevant" voices as possible. 
                    ...Even as a determined, self-styled old "quasi-hermit"...
...who has no idea where he came from before...and no idea where he's going,
 after...                                                                                                   3-23-23 respect given      respect returned...                   ...opportunity  3-23-23
...many have been peepin' what's said in video below for YEARS... hence, the final "SORTA  SIMPLE" SOLUTION: THE ALL-AMERICAN DRAFT PARTY