The minute I see Biden has made his choice?  All the stuff per Ms. Harris comes off o' here. 9-6-20

*I changed my mind.* 9-11-20
'Chance of Joe Biden choosing knee-capping Kamala Harris as his VP is about as likely as Joe Biden being a senile old man who loses to crazy Donald Trump...                 AW    7-28-20
OKAY, JOE...we'll help you out.  'Narrow it down to 2 for you.  You're welcome... (no names needed--you know who these two very capable, smart, strong, generations-deep-rooted American women are.)
*For those ain't been payin' attention, ain't up to snuff--it's Val Demings and Elizabeth Warren...

No way can/will we support this woman for VP--any more than the Black Women standing behind and around her appear interested, excited about her being there.  Now, put Michelle Obama in the same place and imagine where the attention would be.  **Uh, did I mention that I think Michelle Obama would have made a much better "Main Street" serving President than her mainly Bankers and Wall Street serving husband?  I know it's sacrilege among the fawning acolytes--but who did better under Big "O".  Be honest, now, Colored Folk. And yes, still glad he was elected President.  'Figure that one.
Demings, Bass, Warren, Bottoms,  Duckworth, Baldwin, Lujan-Grisham--any one of them and OTHERS would be a better choice than Harris.  Harris has a bit of the "Hilliary feel". She is the one person who can cause Biden to lose.

This woman played Biden on the world stage. And he gets talked into picking her? They'll be vodka-drunk & dancing  in the Kremlin. "Americans! They actually found someone EASIER for Putin to play mind games with; a political Gimpel The Fool!"

Don't do it, Joe; don't be that guy.
THE HONEST AND TRUE CONUNDRUM - Ain't Jumpin'up and down with enthusiasm for either one of these guys.  Biden and Trump kinda feel like classic frying pan or the fire. 

Trump is borderline--if not completely--off his rocker by way of extreme narcissism.  He's your classic spoiled, elitist, irresponsible,  far-less-than-he postures, arrogant, empowered beyond his ability to handle it, shallow, unprincipled, poseur, lying, cheating, disrespectful, race-bating, power-drunk bully. TO HIS DUBIOUS CREDIT?  He doesn't hide any of it. 

Biden?  An old man relic from a bygone era.  He shows clear signs of elderly decline.  Maybe not a bad guy--but less than capable to be leader of the free world.  He's Archie Bunker-light.  Black and Latino folks with half a sense of themselves have to work hard to ignore his old-school stash of casual insults and assumptions. He can't help it.  It's who he is.  Too late to truly understand well enough to change.  Possibly tolerable if he's a next door neighbor you can be cordial with in passing.  But as President?  "Hey, man--you a junkie?"  "Come on, man--if you ain't for me you ain't Black" -- Get used to it.  There's plenty more where that came from. But main problem? 

...'can damn near see the puppet strings in his lapels.
We hope it is Val Demings--but we have a sneaking suspicion it will be Gretchen Whitmer from Michigan.(I'm the guy who guaranteed Mahomes and Chiefs would beat San Francisco by double digits.  Took until the end and was close--but...)
                                                             AW - 8-8-20

The minute I see Biden has made his choice?  All the stuff per Ms. Harris comes off o' here.  Whether he chooses her, or not. Wish her health, wealth and happiness.  Just not as representative of Black American slave descendant historic Black American women(and men) progress. 

American slave-descendant Black Americans just keep getting quietly used as bloody-battle fighters, supporters, protestors, cheerleaders then passed over when the "picking" is done. Why is that? Who's doing the choosing?  Ain't real "been here" Negroes.  THAT matters.